A team management platform for higher education.

Helping instructors reduce time and effort by providing them insight into student team dynamics.

Student Collaboration

Ensightful is a single location platform for student team projects.

Instructor Insight

Provides instructors with actionable data for personalized feedback.

Student Features

An All-in-One solution that helps students thrive.

A streamlined collaboration experience that combines all tools into one single location and promotes structure and accountability in teams.

Project Management

Create, assign and track tasks for each teammate.

Document Storage

Never lose files again in Email and/or chat threads.

Clear Communication

A centralized, professional space for team messaging.

Easy-to-Follow Dashboard

Get a clear picture of where your team is at.


Purpose-built to support instructor teaching.

Accelerate the progress of the teams in success mode and help out the ones that need more guidance.

High level Overview

Easily compare progress across student teams

Detailed Breakdown

Dive down deep into every team’s details

Workload distribution

See if the work is being shared equitably

What is Ensightful?

To get their students job market ready, more and more universites are relying on group projects to help them gain the soft skills they need. Here is how Ensightful helps improve the student experience and achieve that goal:

Improve Soft Skills

Help students improve their core soft skills for better teamwork and increase hireability.

Early Detection

Help instructors detect problems early, be proactive in preventing major collaboration issues.

Real-time Data

Get instantenous feedback so instructors can quickly adapt and intervene if necessary.


Helping each student and team learn from their unique set of circumstances and challenges.

Remote Learning

Ensure teams can communicate and collaborate anytime regardless of where they are.

“Ensightful helped me pinpoint major issues for teams where students were not contributing and enabled me to address such behaviors in week two rather than finding out about it in week seven.”

Elizabeth Mays
Full-time Lecturer, Arizona State University

"I would absolutely use Ensightful again to improve team projects. Ensightful helped me to identify team problems early on in a project and helped teams develop team skills, communicate better, and to achieve higher performance."

Dr. Wayne Rawcliffe
Full-time Lecturer, Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

“The platform helped our team stay on track and really improved the accountability and responsibility of everyone.”

Muneeb M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“With Ensightful, we were able to manage the workload much more effectively. Seeing the deadlines and tasks that were remaining gave us a clear picture of the work we had to do. In my other group projects, it wasn’t clear what somebody had done.”

Alexandra M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“The teams that used Ensightful functioned better. They seemed to communicate better and more engaged.”

John Phelan
Adjunct Associate Professor, Smith School of Business
Queen's University
Purpose-built with integrations in mind
and more...

Refining student teamwork skills.

Developing essential skills to help students succeed in today’s workplace.

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