Empowering student success in team projects.

Introducing student teams in higher education to the world of agile learning and project management.

Our Solution

What is Ensightful?

Ensightful is a team management tool that helps students to collaborate better on their team projects and helps instructors gain more insight into their student teams.

Project Management

Allow students to collaborate and break down their projects as a team to identify a critical path to success early on.

Project Analytics

Use simple yet powerful analytics to track overall team progress,  engagement, tasks, and workload distribution.

Project Insights

Grant students and instructors the ability to gain valuable insights into complex and ever changing student team dynamics like never before.
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Student Features

Learn. Collaborate.

Ensightful helps students gain a project management mindset early on in their university careers. They'll learn essential methods in breaking down and navigating through their complex team projects.

Project Management

Create, assign, and track your tasks

Team Success

Learn effective ways to collaborate

Instructor Features

Better understand team dynamics.

A bird's eye view of all student teams enables instructors to prevent major group issues proactively and identify unique learning opportunities for each team and each student.

High level Overview

Quickly identify teams that are off track

Detailed Breakdown

See tasks and workload distributions

What is Ensightful?

To get their students job market ready, more and more universities are relying on group projects. Here is how using Ensightful can help with improving the student experience and learning outcomes:

Career Readiness

Help students improve their core skills and learning for better teamwork and increase hireability.

Early Detection

Help instructors detect problems early and be proactive in preventing major collaboration issues.

Real-time Data

Get instantaneous data so instructors can make decisions based on hard data and not third party sources.


Provide relevant guidance to each team to help them learn from their unique set of circumstances and challenges.

Remote Learning

Ensure students can communicate and collaborate on their projects regardless of where they are physically.

"I would absolutely use Ensightful again to improve team projects. Ensightful helped me to identify team problems early on in a project and helped teams develop team skills, communicate better, and to achieve higher performance."

Dr. Wayne Rawcliffe
Full-time Lecturer, Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

“The platform helped our team stay on track and really improved the accountability and responsibility of everyone.”

Muneeb M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“With Ensightful, we were able to manage the workload much more effectively. Seeing the deadlines and tasks that were remaining gave us a clear picture of the work we had to do. In my other group projects, it wasn’t clear what somebody had done.”

Alexandra M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“The teams that used Ensightful functioned better. They seemed to communicate better and more engaged.”

John Phelan
Adjunct Associate Professor, Smith School of Business
Queen's University
Purpose-built with integrations in mind
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Nurturing a culture of accountability.

Where every team member is responsible for each other’s learning for a better team performance.

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