Our Vision

education by making it
smart and agile.

A skills gap happens when the skill set that an employer wants or needs is different from the skill set the workforce offers.

Our Mission

Helping students of today
become better collaborators of tomorrow.

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Meet the team

The people behind Ensightful

We are a team of young professionals who can still relate to working in group projects. We understand the struggles and needs of collaborating with other students and want to help elevate that experience.

Chris Du

CEO, Co-Founder

Rick Cha

CTO, Co-Founder

Lea Schwegler

Design Strategist

Brandon Lee

Full-Stack Developer

Jocelyn Chen

Product Design Lead

Aida Oshidari

Marketing Specialist
Our Story

How Ensightful started...

All of us had the experience of working in bad team environments where we just wished for the project to end as soon as possible. Instead of actually collaborating on a project as a team, most of us just split up the work, went home and did it individually. The idea behind Ensightful really started when we graduated from university with such experiences.

We want to change how team work is done, we want it to be enjoyable, we want all the members to have a positive experience, and learn something after they are done, and that is how Ensighful was started.

Our Mentors

Introducing our Mentors

Rob Peregoodoff

Director at  UBC Sauder, Learning Services

Daniel Penn

CEO and Co-founder of Defind.co

Abhijit Dutta

Product Manager, Fatigue Science

John Simoes

Senior Software Engineering Manager, Tasktop

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