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How To Build Inclusivity In New Teams

June 23, 2021
A team in circle with their hands on top of each other

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is the deliberate effort to create an environment where everyone is respected. Inclusivity in teams helps support individuals to have access to the same resources and opportunities, regardless of individual differences.

Do you encourage your team to be inclusive?

Inclusivity in teams is one of the most important things to consider when working in any kind of team. Especially when working in new teams, it can be hard to adapt to new environments and changes. This makes it even more important to encourage your team members to be open-minded, respectful and inclusive of all individuals. Working in a team is not only about the final product, but it is also about the teamwork and process you take to get to the finish line. If you want a workplace full of creativity and effective teamwork then inclusivity is one of the keys to success. Keep reading to find out some ways you can be more inclusive!

Actively Embrace Differences

There are many ways to actively encourage your teammates to share their thoughts and ideas freely. This starts with creating a safe and accepting environment. Team members might be afraid to actively share or contribute their ideas with the fear of judgment. In your team meetings or even outside of your work environment, encourage others to be themselves by showing them that it’s okay to have differences. Share your ideas and thoughts openly and listen to others when they speak. Embracing vulnerability by discussing current events while being open to sharing about yourself can make individuals feel safe and accepted.

Improving Team Relationships

Many companies promote that they are open-minded, but oftentimes people find that their work environment isn’t as inclusive as they would like. As we noticed in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey, a large number of individuals noted that their work environment is only somewhat inclusive. Inclusivity requires someone to not only feel accepted as a member of the team but as a person too. Try to initiate casual conversations to get to know your teammates as people, rather than as partners or colleagues. This can improve your team relationships by creating a warm, friendly environment, and even improve your collaboration skills.

Choosing The Right Language

Diversity is a huge part of being in a team environment. Making the decision to consciously be respectful of everyone’s differences can improve the overall dynamic of your team. For example, instead of referring to a group of mixed-gendered people as ‘guys’, saying “everyone” includes all individuals. Additionally, getting to know your teammates’ preferred gender pronouns by making it a norm to include them in all introductions. Doing this will not only open up a conversation with people who may not understand the importance of inclusive language, but more importantly, it will help them to feel more included.