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Introducing: Project Milestones and LTI Assignments

April 14, 2022
Ensightful: A cartoon character of a woman looking at project milestones on a roadmap

A long-awaited feature is finally here: students can now submit their assignments via Ensightful’s milestones! 🎉  This feature allows for even more streamlined work on Ensightful, so students can centralize all their work in one platform.

Let’s walk through this new feature together!

What is a project milestone?

Project milestones on Ensightful can be connected to assignments on your learning management system (LMS). Once you connect an assignment to a milestone, students can submit it to the LMS via Ensightful - they won’t have to go back and forth between platforms.

What is the difference between tasks and milestones?

Students complete tasks to finish the product, handed in as a milestone. Milestones are essentially the equivalent of assignments, and can be associated with multiple tasks.

For example, let’s say the milestone is Market Research. To achieve this milestone, students will need to complete several associated tasks such as Research Apple, Research Microsoft, and Research Samsung. The team can then put things together and hand in the Market Research.

Why are project milestones important?

Milestones identify major deliverables for the entire class. They simplify instructors’ check-in responsibilities by providing similar checkpoints and creating more apples-to-apples comparisons. For students, having a milestone will motivate them to finish assignments on time by prioritizing the right tasks.

How can I use project milestones for my course?

1. Create an assignment

Using Canvas as an example, when creating an assignment, in Submission Type, choose External Tool from the drop-down menu and add Ensightful as the external tool.

The process of an instructor creating an assignment on Canvas and linking it to Ensightful

Once you save or publish the assignment, you will automatically be taken to Ensightful. 

2. Create a milestone

Click on the Create Milestone button and you will see a drop-down to select the appropriate assignment. Once selected, the milestone will now be tied to that assignment.

Customize the workload, due date, and details as needed. You can also add resources that students will find helpful in the milestone. Make sure to specify the submission type (file upload, text entry, or website URL).

Instructor creating a milestone on Ensightful, adding relevant resources and task templates to it

You can also add task templates that are associated with milestones. Using the above example, Market Research is the milestone and the task templates associated with it are Research Apple, Research Microsoft, and Research Samsung. This gives students a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

3. Student submission

Milestones appear visually different on the student side and their importance is outlined. Once students have completed their product, they can submit via Ensightful and files will appear on Canvas for grading.

Students submitting their assignment via Ensightful's milestone

Note: Students must submit on the milestone for the files to be transferred to Canvas and counted as a submission. Any files uploaded to the milestone’s subtasks will not be considered a submission.

4. View submissions

Instructors can always refer to the Project Milestones tab to check the status of each team. Click on View Submissions to see individual submissions. You can also leave comments if necessary.

Instructor view on student submission on Ensightful's milestone

And that’s it for Ensightful’s milestone feature! Milestone is a key component of project management that will keep your entire class on the same page. You can also watch our support video here to see this new feature in action: