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Introducing: Weekly Summary Email

October 22, 2021
A cartoon image of an opened envelop with mail saying "Weekly Summary Email"

Work can get pretty hectic for instructors, especially when you’re teaching multiple courses. Ensightful’s Weekly Summary Email helps you stay up-to-date with all your student teams and their work progress. It’s a great way to see an overview of your groups when you don’t have the time to individually check on them!

What is Weekly Summary Email?

Weekly Summary Email is a weekly report of your student teams’ progress. Rather than having to jump between groups to check in, Weekly Summary Email brings your attention to potential team issues in a quick and efficient email.

How does it work?

On Ensightful, go to ‘Profile’ by clicking on your name at the top right corner. Choose Notification Preferences from the left panel.

Here, you can choose to opt in for Weekly Summaries by checking the box which will be enabled by default. You can customize the time you want to receive the updates according to your class schedule.

Screen of Ensightful app showing the Notification Preferences page.

You can also customize the content you’d like to see in the report:

  • Project Overview: Receive updates on the latest project completion average, as well as the number of teams on- or off-track.
  • Suggested to Review: Receive highlights of teams that could use extra help based on their activities on the platform.
  • Unread Messages: Stay in the loop by making sure all your messages are read.
  • Status Updates: Select which teams you want to be notified of based on your preferences.

Here’s an example of a weekly summary that will be sent to your email:

Sample email of the weekly summary sent to an instructor

Let’s go through the email together.

The top displays the Project Overview. You can easily see that there are 10 teams on track, 1 team at risk of falling behind, and 3 teams off track. The latest project completion average is 43.2%.

Team Status Updates highlight the teams that have gone off-track or are still falling behind.

Next, we have Suggested to Look Into off-track or unresponsive teams. You can use this information to check for potential issues. For example, since Team F has not updated their progress in a week and has been off-track for two weeks, Ensightful will suggest you pay extra attention to this team.

Lastly, on the bottom, Unopened Notifications indicates that there are 12 unread messages from this week. You can use this time to reply to students’ questions on Ensightful.

If you want to change the settings, you can always log in to your Ensightful account and update your preferences on the Notifications page.

Watch this feature in action here:

And that’s it! This feature will help you stay on track during busy weeks and show you which teams to focus on. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at — we’re always happy to help!