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What Does an Inclusive Space Look Like?

June 24, 2021
A cartoon woman sitting in her chair using a tablet

In our recent diversity, equity, and inclusion survey we asked respondents what they felt an inclusive space looked like. We discovered three main themes within the responses.

Open For Learning

  • Ensuring that creating an open space for learning is a top priority
  • Everyone coming together to have an open conversation with differing opinions
  • Each individual is feels respected and heard and other members are actively listening

Engage In Open Dialogue Without Hatred

  • Respecting that individuals may have differing opinions
  • Having conversations without fear of judgment
  • Being more conscious of any preconceptions you may have of others and learning to set them aside

Diverse and Safe Space

  • Having a work environment where people of all races, genders, sexualities, and more feel more welcome and included
  • Creating a diverse space in all workspaces, such as meetings, teamwork, projects, or general friendly interaction between co-workers
  • Having culture-sensitive policies which can include allowing employees to take off work for religious holidays

These three themes are crucial to building and maintaining an inclusive space.