Helping provide better guidance to your students.

Ensightful empowers you with actionable data and insights so you can improve student learning outcomes

Key Benefits

How can you benefit as an instructor?

Gain Insights

Use tools that allows you to watch from afar so you can identify when or if intervention is needed.

Be Proactive

Improve classroom engagement by helping teams get back on track and congratulate performing teams.

Evaluate Fairly

Assess student performance fairly and based on hard data rather than of third party sources.

Group Inisghts

Team Progress Overview

Not only can you see how each team is doing, you can be proactive in identifying student teams that are off track and intervene before it's too late.

Group Details

Evaluate individual performance

“The teams that used Ensightful functioned better. They seemed to communicate better and more engaged.”

John Phelan
Adjunct Associate Professor, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“The platform helped our team stay on track and really improved the accountability and responsibility of everyone.”

Muneeb M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

"I would absolutely use Ensightful again to improve team projects. Ensightful helped me to identify team problems early on in a project and helped teams develop team skills, communicate better, and to achieve higher performance."

Dr. Wayne Rawcliffe
Full-time Lecturer, Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

“Ensightful helped me pinpoint major issues for teams where students were not contributing and enabled me to address such behaviors in week two rather than finding out about it in week seven.”

Elizabeth Mays
Full-time Lecturer, Arizona State University

“With Ensightful, we were able to manage the workload much more effectively. Seeing the deadlines and tasks that were remaining gave us a clear picture of the work we had to do. In my other group projects, it wasn’t clear what somebody had done.”

Alexandra M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University
Advanced Analytics

Understand complex team dynamics.

Determine whether teams have distributed work fairly and make sure every student is committed.

See contributions

Gain insight into individual work.

Prevent disengagement

Avoid isolation or procrastination.

Track overall progress

Measure student’s projects easily.


Setting up students for success.

Ensure that students have set up a sound plan for their projects and help them create a critical path to drive success.

Identify problematic tasks

Help students learn from mistakes

Promote discussions

Drive meaningful communication

Make better decisions

Provide relevant guidance

Become a member of the team.

Engage in impactful interactions with your students to improve their group project outcomes.

Be Present

Get notified by email if a student group or specific team member is going off track or potentially under performing.

Engage easily

It's never been easier to reach out to your students and student groups. Communicate directly via Ensightful's built-in chat functionality.

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