Bridging the skills gap.

A skills gap happens when the skill set that an employer wants or needs is different from the skill set the workforce offers.

Our Solution

What is Ensightful?

Ensightful is a team management tool that helps students to collaborate better on their team projects and helps instructors gain more insight into their student teams.

Project Management

Allow students to collaborate and break down their projects as a team to identify a critical path to success early on.

Project Analytics

Use simple yet powerful analytics to track overall team progress,  engagement, tasks, and workload distribution.

Project Insights

Grant students and instructors the ability to gain valuable insights into complex and ever changing student team dynamics like never before.
Customer Stories

Read how Ensightful is enhancing learning and teaching.

John Phelan

Smith School of Business,
Queen's University

John Phelan, an adjunct associate professor at Smith School of Business, explains how he was surprised by his students' enhanced team work and feedback using the Ensightful platform...

Wayne Rawcliffe

Sauder School of Business,
University of British Columbia

Wayne Rawcliffe and his students share their experiences using Ensightful as their team management tool and how it improved every student team's organization and lead to better project experiences....

"I would absolutely use Ensightful again to improve team projects. Ensightful helped me to identify team problems early on in a project and helped teams develop team skills, communicate better, and to achieve higher performance."

Dr. Wayne Rawcliffe
Full-time Lecturer, Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

“The teams that used Ensightful functioned better. They seemed to communicate better and more engaged.”

John Phelan
Adjunct Associate Professor, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“The platform helped our team stay on track and really improved the accountability and responsibility of everyone.”

Muneeb M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“With Ensightful, we were able to manage the workload much more effectively. Seeing the deadlines and tasks that were remaining gave us a clear picture of the work we had to do. In my other group projects, it wasn’t clear what somebody had done.”

Alexandra M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“Ensightful helped me pinpoint major issues for teams where students were not contributing and enabled me to address such behaviors in week two rather than finding out about it in week seven.”

Elizabeth Mays
Full-time Lecturer, Arizona State University

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