Managing team projects has never been easier.

We're here to provide organization and structure in your projects to help you reduce the frictions of team management and find team success.

Key Benefits

How you can benefit as a student?

Plan in advance

Make a plan. Delegate tasks to your teammates and hold each other accountable.

Track progress

Gain a better overview on how far you have come and how far you still have to go to finish.

Stay in the loop

Easily access your team and your instructor to make sure everyone is updated.

Hit all deadlines

Submit your project on time without any stress or pulling any all-nighters.

Task Management

Better Planning.

No more confusion around who's doing what. Use the Task Board to break down your projects, assign tasks to specific team members, and organize your projects ahead of time.

Project Management

Create, assign and track tasks

Progress Tracking

Everything at one glance.

Your personal Dashboard enables you to see all your courses and projects in a snapshot. Get a quick overview of where your team is at and always know how far you are from completion.


Visualize personal and team performance

“The platform helped our team stay on track and really improved the accountability and responsibility of everyone.”

Muneeb M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“Ensightful helped me pinpoint major issues for teams where students were not contributing and enabled me to address such behaviors in week two rather than finding out about it in week seven.”

Elizabeth Mays
Full-time Lecturer, Arizona State University

"I would absolutely use Ensightful again to improve team projects. Ensightful helped me to identify team problems early on in a project and helped teams develop team skills, communicate better, and to achieve higher performance."

Dr. Wayne Rawcliffe
Full-time Lecturer, Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

“With Ensightful, we were able to manage the workload much more effectively. Seeing the deadlines and tasks that were remaining gave us a clear picture of the work we had to do. In my other group projects, it wasn’t clear what somebody had done.”

Alexandra M
Student, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

“The teams that used Ensightful functioned better. They seemed to communicate better and more engaged.”

John Phelan
Adjunct Associate Professor, Smith School of Business
Queen's University

Communicate and share files with ease.

No more gazillion chat apps! Use the chat window to communicate with your team mates.

Built-in chat function

No need to switch between apps.

Share files & documents

Find everything at one place.

Meet deadlines

Track and visualize your projects.

Use the timeline to link tasks together to indicate task inter-dependability and identify a critical path to project completion.

Measure overall progress

Track your projects easily.

Better time management

Plan more efficiently.

Prevent task overload

Avoid a busy project schedule.

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